Instructions for buying tickets

Time slot for admission

The booked time slot relates to the admission time and is valid for half an hour.

Discounts & Coupons

If you are in possession of a coupon or a discount offer such as the Berlin Welcome Card, please use the booking area provided. This is located in the area of ​​day entry for the biosphere under "Discounts & Coupons".
If you have a voucher from the Biosphere Potsdam for a day ticket, you can redeem it directly in the day tickets or family ticket area.

Vouchers for breakfast or brunch can be entered when specifying the number of people during the booking process.

For the redemption of value vouchers, please contact us by phone at  0331 - 550 74-0.

Service fee

When purchasing online tickets, there is a charge for the advance sale of the tickets amounting to 6% of the net price of the booking. This fee contributes to guaranteed admission even on full days and to securing your online payment. The transaction fees for online payment methods are borne by the Biosphere Potsdam.

Day tickets

  • Adults: 11,50 €
  • Adults reduced: 9,80 €

(reduced prices for: pupils, students, apprentices, volunteers, unemployed and handicapped persons. Only with correspondent and valid identity card. Free admission for the assistant of a severly handicapped person.)

  • Children (ages 6 to 13): 7,80 €
  • Infants (ages 3 to 5): 4,50 €
  • Children under 3 years old: free admission